Surf Camp

How do I get to the surfcamp?
Hier is a link that shows you how to get to the camp
What should I bring to the surfcamp?
Additionally from what you usually take to the beach(Shorts, t shirts,light clothing, sandals):

  • Sun Block 40+, recommended
  • A cap or hat to protect you from the sun
  • We will give you a Long sleeve rash guard but if you have another one is recommended you bring it, so you have a change. All rash guards should fit pretty snug as they will loosen in the water.



Is Costa Rica safe to travel through?
Yes, Costa Rica is a very safe country. Whether traveling alone or with family or friends, we will make sure your travel paths lead you to a safe and enjoyable adventure.
Do I need any shots or vaccines to be safe in Costa Rica:
No, we only recommend that your tetanus shot is up to date.
Do you provide airport transfers?
We do not include them in our package rates, however we will help you make all of your in country travel plans.
What is the local currency?
The Colon, although the US Dollar is accepted everywhere.
Should I exchange money at the airport?
We don’t recommend it, the exchange rate is usually not that good and everyone accepts US Dollars as well.
What is the exchange rate?
It has been steady for the past 5 years, around 530 colon: 1 US Dollar
If I have to stay the night in San Jose, where would you recommend?
We have several options depending on your budget, just contact us and we can arrange reservations for you.